FlexiMusic is a developer of audio & video software. The current developer portfolio contains 9 programs. The most popular software is FlexiMusic Composer with 21 installations on Windows PC.

166, old No 127A, V G Rao Nagar, Coimbatore, 641006, India
General phone:
Ponnuchamy Varatharaj (fleximusic.com)
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Best software by FlexiMusic

FlexiMusic Composer
Program for mixing and composing music and creating melody tunes using samples.
FlexiMusic Kids Composer
music creating/composing.
FlexiMusic Wave Editor
Audio Editor for professionals and home users to edit a song the way you want.

Popular programs by FlexiMusic

FlexiMusic BeatStudio Junior
It can be used to create complete song.
FlexiMusic Generator
"FlexiMusic Instrument Player" is a support utility to play encrypted Instrument.
FlexiMusic Orchestra
It is a live music orchestra performance, by a single or multiple at a same time.
FlexiMusic Sound Generator
Flexible and versatile tool to produce your own sounds and noises.
With this program you can make complete song without any preparation.

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